Passwords the Bane of every users life

An Effective Password Strategy

Everybody hates passwords as they can never remember them, but they are a necessary evil if you want to remain safe in the online environment. You wouldn’t leave your house without locking the doors, it should be the same with your online accounts. passwords are your lock and key.

Below are some tips on creating passwords that are secure, but easy to remember :

Passwords should be strong enough to protect your organisation. However, very complex passwords can be hard to remember, resulting in people choosing weaker passwords or repeating them across accounts.

Use or include three random words such as “horsebatterystaple” in your password to help protect against common issues like brute force attacks (where an attacker tries many passwords with the hope of guessing it correctly), while keeping it simple enough to remember. You can also include symbols, capital letters and numbers to make it even more secure.

Passwords should always be enabled, for example on mobile phones and laptops, and default passwords should always be changed to something unique by the user. They should also be changed in the event of a loss, for example if you’ve witnessed suspicious activity being undertaken on the account.

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